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In recent times, travelers passing through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) have found themselves caught in a disconcerting predicament. KRA has become increasingly assertive in its quest to collect revenue from travelers, leaving many to question the government’s stance on this issue.

While the collection of revenue is crucial for the nation’s economic well-being, the poor tactics employed by KRA have raised eyebrows and much concerns. Travelers often feel subjected to unwarranted scrutiny, with stringent inspections and inquiries into their personal belongings. This persistent harassment has left many bewildered, as it appears that travelers have become the primary target for revenue collection.

The Kenyan government’s indifference to this issue has further intensified the sense of frustration and disappointment among the citizens. With countless travelers bearing witness to these unpleasant experiences, it’s challenging not to question the fairness and integrity of the process.

The ongoing turmoil at JKIA serves as a reminder that revenue collection should not come at the expense of travelers’ dignity, convenience and peace of mind. It’s high time that the authorities address these concerns and restore the airport’s reputation as a welcoming gateway to East Africa.
The nation’s pride is at stake, and it’s imperative that the government takes swift action to rectify this unsettling situation.


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